customized castings

customized castings

Custom Castings - Your Permanent Mold Aluminum Castings ...

Permanent Mold Castings; CNC Machining; Surface Coating; Aluminum Pulleys; Other Value Added Services; Professional service, on-time delivery, and competitive pricing – Custom Castings is your #1 choice for fully machined zinc and aluminum castings in …About Us Since 1972, Custom Castings Limited has specialized in manufacturing …

Bronze foundry | Randolph Center | Custom Castings of …

Custom Castings of Vermont is the artist and business resource for quality custom metal casting and more. Art and Sculpture Bronze Foundry Mold Making . Custom Castings of Vermont is the artist and business resource for quality custom metal casting and more. ...

Custom Metal Casting & Fabrication | Reliance Foundry Co. …

Whether it is a simple steel casting, or a fully machined and assembled conveying fixture, Reliance Foundry produces custom parts to your specifications. In order for us to determine if we can offer quality parts at competitive pricing, we request as much information as possible with your RFQ.

Custom Forging | Custom Casting | Samco Sales

Our custom castings are used in many industrial components including chain hooks, turnbuckles, ratchet load blender assemblies, and hooks. For more information about our custom casting and forging capability, see the table below, or contact us directly.

Custom Castings: Plattco Corporation

Plattco has proudly been supplying high-quality, custom castings since our origination in 1897. While custom castings was our primary core business over a century ago, today it still represents a significant portion of our sales each year.

Custom Casting - Ornamental Iron - Fence - Residential ...

Each style of ornamental iron fencing can be customized with castings such as picket scrolls, rings and designs to fit between the rails as well as custom cap and base options. This offers a unique quality to our most durable ornamental fence material.


Custom castings presents an architectural renaissance through modern technology Custom Castings Northeast, Inc. is a pioneer in the development, perfecting and manufacturing of cost savings preformed fiber glass reinforced gypsum and cement architectural materials (GRG and GFRC).

Custom Metal Casting - RotoMetals

Custom Metal Casting RotoMetals works with many local and national foundries that can do your custom metal gravity casting for you. We have special deals with these foundries and by merging multiple pours together we can offer great prices with low batch set up fees.

ESCO Corporation | Custom Castings

ESCO partners with original equipment manufacturers demanding cost effective high integrity casting solutions. ESCO’s Custom Casting group incorporates an international technical support team specializing in the manufacture of AOD quality steel, including quenched and tempered low alloy, stainless, carbon and manganese steels. Our foundries also specialize in high alloy irons and are ...

Custom Molds and Castings | Abatron, Inc.

Custom Molds and Castings. Take the guesswork out of making molds and castings. We can make them for you! Get products in place and on time. For a quotation send us: A description of your model, including a picture or drawing; The dimensions of the model; The number of castings needed;

Custom Casting in Nylon | Modern Plastics

Custom casting offers a manufacturing alternative that bridges the plastic fabrication methods of machining from stock shapes and injection molding of thermoplastic parts. It is ideal for small and medium quantity production runs of parts too large or too costly to injection mold.

Custom Investment Castings | Investment Casting Foundry ...

Investment castings are used in the aerospace and power generation industries to produce turbine blades with complex shapes or cooling systems. Blades produces via investment casting can include single-crystal (SX), directionally solidified (DS), or conventional equiaxed blades.Location: Travelers Rest, 29690, SC

How to Request a Quote | Custom Metal Casting

Receive accurate cost and time estimates for your custom casting project Reliance Foundry can produce high-quality custom metal castings to your specifications. We work with you to determine product goals, then recommend the most economical materials and production methods to meet them.

Custom Investment Castings | Investment Casting Foundry ...

Investment Casting for Simple & Complex Shapes. While investment castings made using the lost-wax process are often produced one part at a time, most of the investment castings Deeco creates are produced in multiples for larger volume production.

Custom Castings | AB&I Foundry

A clear vision from our leaders, places environment, health and safety at the core of our business.

Custom castings - Structural & Industrial - Bradken

Custom castings – Structural & Industrial Bradken supplies a wide range of castings, fabrications and machining services. We work with a variety of cast materials including speciality irons, alloy steels and stainless steel and have the capability to produce castings up to 25,000 kilograms or 55,000 pounds.

Custom Metal Castings | Metal Castings | Casting Metals ...

Custom Metal Cast When you need a metal part that’s both accurate and inexpensive, metal casting is an ideal choice. Whatever type of casting you need, our staff at Deeco Metals and engineers at our casting foundry, will analyze your particular requirements and recommend the most effective and economical casting method, metal alloy.

My Custom Casting – providing Custom plaques that create ...

My Custom Casting is the leader in weather resistant exterior signage and memorial. Our castings can be used for signs and memorials of all types. Garden Dedication, Tree Dedication, Building Dedication, Botanical Gardens, Cemetery Markers and Pet Memorials can use these types of casting plaques.

Custom Castings Archives - Cast Products, Inc.

Custom Castings Cast Products proudly manufactures and supplies custom casting solutions to manufacturers in a variety of industries including the marine, lighting, trucking, playground equipment, HVAC, and automotive markets.

Custom Castings - Industrial Manufacturing | Tengco, Inc.

tengco› Manufacturing MethodsCustom casting products are created when a liquid material is poured into a custom mold and allowed to solidify. This process can create a product with a high degree of accuracy, repeatability and integrity in a variety of metals and high-performance alloys.

Castings - Bunty LLC - Custom Machined, Forged, Cast ...

Custom Die Castings Die casting is a manufacturing process that utilizes reusable molds or dies to mass-produce complex metal parts at a competitive cost.Die casting is a manufacturing process that utilizes reusable molds or dies to mass-produce complex metal parts at a competitive cost.

Custom Architectural Castings - Marcoza Castings

MARCOZA, located in Fort Worth, TX, is a manufacturer of Custom Bronze and Aluminum Architectural Castings for use in plaques, markers, and signs.

Colbar Art Inc. - Custom Casting and Mold Making

custom casting & mold making We specialize in custom castings, sculptures, molds, plastic molds, mold designs, prototype molds, art molds, acrylic artwork, prototype castings, high quality acrylic scuptures, model making, mold castings, architectural castings, museum sculptures & castings, & …

Custom Castings - Norwood Foundry | Metal Casting

Custom Castings. We specialize in custom castings — no job is too big or too small! Our onsite plant manager can provide you with a quote for your project. We also have access to affiliate pattern makers. Please contact: Mike Jaskiw, Sales Manager Custom Castings & Imports.

Custom Metal Castings | Tempe Trophy

CUSTOM CASTINGS Custom castings are a lasting way to honor important milestones, events, achievements, or memorialize people and places. Ancient “lost-wax” bronze castings have withstood the centuries, visually telling the tale of past cultures, their religions, and their social structures.

Custom Casting | Phoenix Casting and Machining

We offer a wide range of casting capabilities. Aluminum casting capabilities range from ounces to 150 pounds. Brass sandcasting capabilities range from ounces to 300 pounds.

Custom Metal Casting Services - Hoagland, IN - Peridot, Inc

Custom Metal Casting Services At PERIDOT , we specialize in providing custom metal casting services for customers in a wide range of industries. We offer insert, foundry, sand, die, and investment castings, as well as lost wax, and permanent mold services for aluminum, iron, steel, bronze, and zinc castings.

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